Talent Identification & Management

Are you promoting the right people?

Identify your Hidden Talent

Common Challenges

1. Optimizing Leadership Programs

Is your talent and leadership programme identifying the right talent?

2. Tracking Talent

How do you keep track of and develop your collaborators, influencers, change agents, future leaders and subject matter experts?

How Network Centrality Can Help

1. Talent Development

Identifying hidden gems and develop rising stars.

2. Identify Connections

Identifying critical connections and working relationships to develop talent


A highly customised survey

Using a short survey, and powerful data analytics, Network Centrality maps the collective relationship resources between individuals and teams. This computational analysis is visualized in graph form and measures the strength of each person’s role within the network.


Imagine that we have 161 sales representatives in a FMCG organisation. How might Network Centrality support the Talent Identification and Management process?


Employees would rate each other with regards to how much confidence they have in their colleagues’ competence, expertise and capabilities.

What might we find?

Many of our clients struggle to find the right talent to lead the organisation in the future. Network Centrality can be used as a tool to identify talent and future leaders by finding individuals with the greatest Social Quotient (SQ) – the ability to influence others and collaborate effectively. Individuals with greater SQ are more likely to perform effectively as leaders than individuals with lower SQ. In this illustration, the individuals highlighted in blue nodes have high SQ scores, and would therefore be considered talent.


Potential Solutions

Leadership Program

We would place the individuals with the greatest SQ on a high potential programme to develop their leadership capabilities.

Provide Training

We would provide training for these individuals on how to use their social influence effectively to improve their own performance and that of their teams, so that they become effective future leaders.