What can Network Centrality do for my organization?

Expansive organizational charts and ambiguous job descriptions do not represent the true interactions between individuals and teams. Workplace relationships continuously evolve as they respond to the complexities and phases of work. Team roles change. People come and go. Even with the best managerial strategies, an unhealthy network will stifle productivity.

Powerful Insights for your Organization

Combining quantitative and qualitative analysis, Network Centrality is an invaluable tool for management. By analyzing and visualizing the formal and informal relationships in your organization, it can help you identify where your network structure needs to be improved and any adjustments required in allocation of company resources.

Powerful insights

Provides insight and guidance for improving results and organizational outcomes

Solution Management

Helps to plan and monitor a number of initiatives such as change management, diversity and inclusion, and succession planning

Improve collaboration

Identifies areas in need of resources to help improve collaboration and dissolve silos

Key influencers

Identifies leaders, hidden talent/high-potential employees, and change agents

Reveal hot spots

Identifies individuals at risk of burnout, turnover or poor performance

Powerful Insights for your Organization

Armed with these powerful insights, the customized report can help business leaders develop an agile business strategy and identify key influencers and working relationships to help implement sustainable change.

Revenue & Stock Return - Organizations utilizing network analysis practices see an average increase in revenue of 18.7% and stock return by 2.6% (Collins & Clark, 2003).

Sales - Sales teams that engage in ONA type interventions see a 15% increase in sales of value between $500,000- $2,000,000; and a 9% increase in sales of value between $2,000,000- $10,000,000 (Cross, 2009).

Employee & Customer Satisfaction - Groups that engage in ONA-type solutions have an increase of 71% in employee satisfaction. Customers served by these groups have an increase in satisfaction between 35-245% (Reingold & Yang, 2007).


Increase in your Revenue


Increase in your Sales


Increase in Employee Satisfaction


Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Benefits to the Individual

A Social Quotient report is customized for each participant and its purpose is to help them understand their influence within the network. The personalized report offers recommendations to help them strengthen their relationships and improve their standing in the network.

Powerful insights

Coaches and guides you around effective and intentional networking

Improve your standing

Allows you to understand your own role in an organizational network, and how to maximize your impact and influence

Realize your ambitions

Guides career and professional development

Grow together

Identifies who you should connect with to achieve career goals, succeed on projects, and access knowledge/skills you require

Team integration

Assists in the assimilation of new colleagues and diverse groups into the workforce