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Virtual learning skills to build Powerful People Networks


Pre-workshop Learning

The pre-workshop learning is designed to give participants an introduction to the area of workplace networks ahead of the core workshop webinars.

This online learning component will consist of introductory lessons and selected readings including chapters from ‘The Hidden Power of Social Networks: Understanding How Work Really Gets Done in Organizations’ by Rob Cross, a leading expert in the field. You will first complete a survey on your background and experience with ONA before engaging in some reading materials introducing ONA.

The learning will be self-directed, but supported by Mentis Consultants.


Core Training Virtual Workshops

Through a series of live, interactive and engaging virtual webinars supported by e-learning content, we will give you the knowledge and confidence to understand and apply the insight from Social Capital and the Social Quotient to change management, talent identification, diversity and inclusion, engagement and succession planning.

Workshop 1

Background & Introduction to Network Centrality®

  • What is Network Centrality?
  • Why Network Centrality & Organizational Networks?
  • SONAR Diagrams: Visualizing the Organizational Network
  • Workplace Relationships

Enabling Objectives

  • Understanding Network Principles & Concepts
  • Understanding Workplace Relationships
  • Interpreting SONAR Diagrams

Learning Outcomes

✓  Understanding the importance of Organizational Networks, and be able to interpret the SONAR graphs

Workshop 2

Social Capital

  • Social Capital: An Organizational Resource
  • The five key Social Capital Metrics
  • The Social Capital Report

Enabling Objectives

  • Understanding how Social Capital can measure an organization’s health and structure
  • Defining and distinguishing the five Social Capital metrics

Terminal Objectives & Learning Outcomes

✓ Understanding how Social Capital can be utilized and applied for Organizational Change and other projects

Workshop 3

The Social Quotient

  • The Social Quotient: An individual’s Social Capital
  • The Five CORAL Metrics
  • Network Roles
  • The CORAL SQ Report

Enabling Objectives

  • Understanding how the Social Quotient can measure a person’s role in the workplace network
  • Defining and distinguishing the five CORAL Social Quotient metrics
  • Understanding Intentional Networking Strategies
    Interpreting the CORAL SQ Report

Learning Outcomes

✓  Understand how the Social Quotient can be used to identify and develop talent, leaders, high potentials, and change agents

Workshop 4

Achieving Organizational Objectives with Network Centrality

  • Project Design & Delivery
  • Project Templates & Examples
  • Preparing for your own Network Centrality project

Enabling Objectives

  • Understand how a Network Centrality project works
  • Understand what Organizational Objectives can be supported by Network Centrality
  • Applying the Network Centrality knowledge gained

Learning Outcomes

✓  Apply Network Centrality to support Organizational Objectives, such as Succession Planning and Talent Management