Powerful People Networks

Explore and influence the patterns of communication, collaboration and trust between individuals and teams.

An introduction to Network Centrality

Every organization has its formal structures. But traditional organizational charts do not represent the true interactions between individuals and teams. These workplace relationships create informal networks that guide the flow of information and drive performance. They determine how the work actually gets done.


Understanding these networks and the impact on your organization

Social network structures continuously evolve as they respond to the complexities and phases of work. Team roles change. People come and go. Even with the best managerial strategies, an unhealthy network will slow down productivity.

An invaluable tool for organizational development, Network Centrality analyzes the inner workings of your organization, and presents a clear picture of communication and collaboration patterns between individuals and teams. Network Centrality is based on organizational network analysis (ONA) – the statistical and graphical analysis of human networks and relationships that drive workplace performance.

Typically organizations focus on EQ and IQ when trying to predict and improve performance.Network Centrality builds on these traditional assessments by assessing the strength of your social and organizational network structures. (SQ)

Reveal Your Informal Network

Your organizational structure may not represent your true network.

Discover Hidden Talents

Spot the key players and influencers in your network.

Optimize Knowledge Transfer

Map your knowledge sharing network.

Improve Teamwork

Enhance communication and collaboration between people.

Discover Bottlenecks

See and fix what is blocking your productivity in your network.

Cultivate Innovation

Create a workplace conducive to innovation.

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